Video, Voice and SEO

  1. Voice Search Optimization – the importance of the Voice Search is growing each day. With over 50% queries being issued with the help of Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, etc. there’s no wonder why every website needs to be optimized for voice commands. It’s the only logical outcome if you think about the convenience that pronouncing a certain query has compared to typing. Voice search optimization isn’t only important for mobile devices but for desktop computers too, especially for users that have troubles with their vision. Optimizing content for the voice search is different from the optimization for written queries, and it requires more natural sentences, closer to the spoken language, almost always in the form of question-answer. 
  2. Visual Search Optimization – Recently, Google has developed so much that it’s now able to read text written on the images as well as videos. That’s why a lot of serious SEO agencies implement this strategy and also take care of video marketing to promote your business via more engaging media such as visual search.